Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ron Julian loves HOT lanes! Where is Jill Swain's outrage?!?!

Almost exactly a year ago, Huntersville Commissioner Rob Kidwell sent an email to state legislators asking them to do something, anything, to stop the I77 HOT lanes project.

Well, late on the eve of a critical vote at the CRTPO fellow H'ville Commish, Ron Julian, did something similar.

In an email to CRTPO reps, Charlotte City Council, the MeckBOCC, and several members of the NCGA, Julian had this to say.

Ladies and Gentle, As a Representative of the constituents in Huntersville, I ask that you APPROVE the TIP ( Vote Yes ). The vast majority of constituents want road improvements now and the TIP keeps this promise with dollars for local road improvements and additional lanes, yes managed lanes on I-77.

thanks for your public service,

Ron Julian
Huntersville Town Commissioner

My guess is you'll hear crickets from Mayor Swain on this one.  She agrees after all.

She's part of the HOT Lanes Bucket Brigade that has pulled this monstrosity out of the fire more than once already.

Sending Ron Julian to carry a little water since he's not running for reelection is just what a good brigade commander does.

Bonus Observation:  What caused Ron Julian to change his mind since this video in 2013?

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  1. I asked Ron Julian the same thing? Just what changed his mind?? Crickets chirping....