Friday, November 29, 2019

Linden Mill (aka Metrolina Warehouses) has new project in the works...Public Meeting December 9th at Ada Jenkins

Thanks to an eagle eyed community member, aShortChronicle has learned of a possible new project on the Linden Mill site on Depot Street.  This is the same site as the now defunct Davidson Depot project on the long-standing Metrolina Warehouses parcels contaminated by the former Carolina Asbestos Corp.  However, rather than an unpopular, large-scale, multi-family development as proposed by Davidson Depot, this new project appears to be entirely commercial.

The below information hasn't been fully verified with the Town or developer due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  The project is also not listed on the Town Planning Department website, but since this important public meeting is only a week away we wanted to get this information out there.

According to documents on the NCDEQ website, a notice dated November 22nd went out to neighboring residents for a project by 301 Depot Holdings, LLC.  This LLC  is wholly owned by Lat Purser & Associates, Inc with offices in Charlotte.

The notice is for a public meeting on Monday, December 9th, at 630pm at the Ada Jenkins.

Based on the documents filed, the project appears to be more of a conversion/rehab of the existing buildings rather than a teardown of the existing site.  It also looks to be entirely commercial without any large scale residential.  Both should be welcome relief to neighbors as this type of plan should limit environmental concerns over a complete redevelopment of the site, and wouldn't bring hundreds of new residents.  Both were concerns with the previous Davidson Depot plan.

See the renderings below.  These were posted to the NCDEQ website on 11/26.  Plan on attending the Ada Jenkins meeting on 12/9 for confirmation of this information.