Griffith Street Hotel Chronicle

In November 2017 after getting shellacked in an election, the outgoing Town of Davidson Board approved a controversial rezoning to allow a Hyatt Place hotel next to the Community School of Davidson K-7 building on Griffith Street and adjacent to vulnerable neighborhoods in the Exit 30 area of Davidson North Carolina.  Why the developers and the Hyatt brand would want to push an unpopular project on a community is a question beyond comprehension to those it impacts.

This page provides links to all the stories aShortChronicle has written over the past 2 years on the project.

Hyatt needs to #dotherightthing and #pulltheflag on this project.

Dec 4 2019 #GriffithSreetHotel saga quietly comes to an end...
Oct 7 2019 Griffith Street Hotel-plaintiffs file for attorney's fees
Aug 8 2019 Hotel lawsuit over? No appeal filed to NC Supreme Court on Griffith Street Hotel.
Jun 18 2019 BREAKING NEWS: Griffith Hotel ruling upheld by Appeals Court
Jan 22 2019 Hearing date set for Griffith Street Hotel appeal

Nov 15 2018 Appeal documents filed in Griffith Street Hotel case
Sep 21 2018 Tentative schedule on Griffith Street Hotel appeal
Sep 9 2018 Residents meet $10,000 goal in Griffith Street Hotel fight
Aug 2 2018 Residents raising $$$ to defend their win in Griffith Street Hotel lawsuit
Jul 27 Griffith Hotel saga not over...defendants to appeal
Jun 9 2018 Griffith Street Hotel lawsuit already showing transparency dividends in Davidson
May 25 2018 Plaintiffs win motion in Griffith Hotel lawsuit
Apr 20 2018 Developer fights citizens defending their homes as Griffith Hotel lawsuit moves forward
Apr 10 2018 Griffith Street Hotel first day in Court on Thursday
Apr 5 2018 Griffith Hotel responses...Town delays...Developers respond...
Mar 23 2018 Griffith Street Hotel lawsuit set to shift into higher matching fundraising goal set
Jan 31 2018 CSD to purchase Griffith St location. Announcement blows hole in logic behind Town's hotel approval next door
Jan 31 2018 Facing a lawsuit, better Hotel location becomes available in Davidson
Jan 25 2018 Why I donated to the lawsuit to stop Davidson's new Griffith Street Hotel
Jan 22 2018 BREAKING NEWS - Lawsuit filed on Davidson's Griffith Street Hotel decision - group seeks to raise $$$

Nov 10 2017 There should be no lame duck vote on Griffith Street Hotel
Oct 25 2017 Griffith Street Hotel...Who will stand for the children?
Oct 24 2017 With conditional vote on Griffith Street Hotel looming, choose your candidates wisely.
Sep 21 2017 LKN Citizen doubles down on Griffith Street hotel "opinion" bias
Sep 18 2017 Save Davidson movement subject to campaign silly season attacks
Sep 12 2017 Exit 30 Hotel: The Players
Sep 08 2017 #Exit30Hotel on Tuesday Davidson Board agenda
Sep 06 2017 Human trafficking, hotels, and school safety
Aug 31 2017 Hotel proposal could make Davidson "unique"...and not in a good way
Aug 29 2017 #Exit30Hotel: Debunking the previously approved alternative
Aug 23 2017 2nd info-bomb for Davidson Board on Griffith Hotel - It's all about safety!
Aug 22 2017 BREAKING NEWS: Exit 30 hotel land owner reportedly revokes CSD parking lease
Aug 20 2017 Exit 30 Hotel stakeholder provides data to Davidson Board prior to update on Tuesday agenda
Aug 13 2017 Did the "Davidson Way" skew ecit 30 hotel TIA?
Aug 11 2017 Griffith Street hotel parking meets the real world (pictures)
Aug 06 2017 Griffith Street hotel site walk draws small crowd, no electeds, a few candidates
Aug 02 2017 Exit 30 Hotel Parking: Make developer put money where mouth is
Jul 30 2017 Davidson Town Hall misleading on Hotel parking
Jul 26 2017 BREAKING NEWS: New Exit 30 hotel plan.

Dec 04 2016  Early feedback largely against Davidson Hyatt Place proposal
Oct 17 2016 #Catalyst2 Davidson Hotel...Traffic Impact Analysis to be completed. Parking to be major question.
Oct 15 2016 #Catalyst2 Hotel info session didn't have all that much info
Sep 22 2016 #Catalyst2 Exit 30 hotel development developments...
Sep 16 2016 Who really wants new Griffith Street Hyatt Place hotel?
Sep 10 2016 Parking: A core problem for proposed Davidson hotel
Sep 06 2016 #Catalyst2.0: Is Davidson as committed to its values as Venice Beach in 2007?
Sep 01 2016 Catalyst's Revenge...Exit 30 Hotel
Aug 20 2016 Controversial Davidson Developments Part 2: Exit 30 hotel
Feb 16 2016 New details on new Exit 30 hotel
Feb 08, 2016 BREAKING NEWS - Possible new hotel at Exit 30?

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