Wednesday, August 19, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Davidson to vote 'NO' at CRTPO tonight!

This is a breaking news story. More information will be added if it becomes available.

In a phone call from Davidson Commissioner Brian Jenest early this morning, he indicated that Davidson will be a 'no' vote on the STIP at tonight's CRTPO meeting.

At last week's Davidson Board meeting he indicated that he would be a 'yes' vote on this issue.

He explained the change as not so much a change in his position as just a change in his vote.  His position has been that he supports the STIP, but does not support this paricular plan for the managed lanes.

When asked why he was going to change his vote, he responded that while he is not typically supportive of "protest votes' he recognizes how widespread the public opposition to this particular plan has become. Also, he mentioned what occurred at last night's Lake Norman Chamber meeting.

At that meeting he heard "level-headed businessmen" open to alternative plans that may involve the managed lane concept.  For him, that opened the door to other possibilities and justified the change in his vote.

While Davidson's single vote on the CRTPO  board may not make a difference in the ultimate outcome of the vote, it is great to see the town's representative standing up for what the people he represents actually want!

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