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The Hot Lanes Chronicle page covers all things about the proposed widening of I-77 with High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes.  This is an over $500m project which will use a Public Private Partnership (P3) to finance the project and subject residents of North Mecklenburg and Iredell counties to the first-ever highway tolls in the state.

HOT Lane Opponents Pack Cornelius Town Hall (Video) - 1/15/13
LNTC Searches for "Relevance", Provides Examples of Revolving Door Politics, Engages in Revisionist History - 1/22/13
Media Watch: Is Lake Norman Media in the tank on I-77 HOT lanes? - 1/27/13
Davidson Community Chat: HOT Lanes is HOT Topic - 1/29/13
Charlotte Streetcar...a real "threat" from Governor Pat or just kabuki theater? - 2/2/13
HOT Lanes: Municipalities Exert Influence with NCDOT on Monday  - 2/4/13
I-77 Expansion: An Alternate Plan - 2/6/13
When the Media Becomes the Story - 2/15/13
NC Senate Files to Stop Tolls on I-95...I-77? - 3/6/2013
NC House Files to Require NCGA Approval of Tolls on "Existing" Interstates - 3/10/2013
Mecklenburg's Bill Brawley Signs onto H267 - 3/12/2013
HOT lane usage...Bait and switch coming? - 3/11/2013
MeckGOP Raises the Political Stakes for HOT Lanes Supporters - 3/24/2013
HOT Lanes: The Empire Strikes Back... - 3/28/2013
Raleigh Meeting First Response... Gathers Wednesday - 4/1/2013
Toll Talks Turns to John Locke - 4/4/2013
Small Business Knows Tolls Will be Bad for All Business - 4/7/2013
Consultants, consultants, everywhere... Is North Carolina transportation decision making beholden to big consulting?   - 4/14/2013
Charlotte Throwing Its Weight Around at MUMPO - 4/16/2013
About that MUMPO, Charlotte City Council, Airport, General Assembly Brouhaha - 4/24/2013
H267 Being Slow Rolled to Help Toll Roads? - 5/1/2013
Logjam breaks for H267!!! Where will it go? - 5/2/2013
Threats, promises, and holes in the HOT lanes dike... - 5/5/2013
Cornelius Commissioner Blasts Town Decision to Support I-77 HOT Lanes - 5/12/2013
NC House Hides from Voting on Toll Roads in North Carolina...Government Transparency is a Casualty - 5/13/2013
H267 - George Orwell comes to Raleigh - 5/15/2013
Red Line gets quiet boost from Raleigh.  More to come? - 5/20/2013
H267: Redux - NC House really, really, really doesn't want to vote on tolling you - 5/21/2013
Revolt and Retribution - 5/24/2013
The Electoral Politics of Widening I-77 - 6/4/2013
Speaker Tillis Leads Walkout to Scuttle Quorum on NCGOP HOT Lanes Vote - 6/10/2013
Revolving Door Continues Turning on Charlotte Region Transportation Projects - 11/17/2013
New idea to avoid tolls on NC's highways...too little too late? 12/16/2013
A house divided... 12/20/2013

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  1. check the level of the current grade where the proposed lanes are to be built. It is very close to the finish road level. I thought the specification for this was to be changed to meet NCDOT minimum standards for this type of road?