Saturday, August 29, 2015

Which LKN town is the most debauched and depraved?

Well, according to the data that was released by the Ashley Madison website hack a couple of weeks ago, it would appear to be...

You are going to have to read to the end to find out.

Last week, Spanish software company, Technilogica, released a map using their cartography software that breaks down over 30 million subscribers to the adultary enablement site by location.  You can check it out here .

So, which LKN town had the highest user base?  The answer depends on which way you look at it.

Mooresville (5712) had the largest number of users followed by Huntersville (3650). Cornelius (2360)  and Davidson (835) were in the middle of the pack.  Troutman (350) also had a number of folks apparently dabbling in the site's online activity.

That order is about what you'd expect based solely on population.  Though "expect" is a relative term here.  It is simply stunning (and kinda creepy) there are that many people around who are willing to sign up for a site like this.

Even if you believe the site ballooned its numbers with a lot of fake accounts, the numbers are pretty high.  Cut it by 90% and you still have over 500 in Mooresville and 360 in Huntersville.

But, raw numbers aren't the only way to slice and dice this data.  When looked at as a percentage of the population, here's what you get.  Mooresville 16.4% Huntersville 7.2% Cornelius 8.8% Davidson 7.1%. Troutman 14.2%

So, while Davidson eeks out the "moral victory" with only 7.1% of its population supposedly on the site, one has to ask - what in the world is going on in Iredell county's Mooresville and Troutman!!!

With both the highest raw number and highest percentage Mooresville takes the "prize".


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