Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Davidson Mayor John Woods does not "recommend" a directed vote on TIP

The MeckBOCC Tuesday night forced a directed "no" vote on the upcoming TIP at the next CRTPO meeting August-19th.

The beautiful irony of this is that Dumont Clarke is the CRTPO rep for the County.  Readers will remember, Clarke had to recuse himself from a previous BOCC vote on a resolution opposing the contract due to a conflict of interest with a client.

Now, he will be forced to vote against the project after  a bi-partisan directed vote motion passed 5-4 Tuesday night.

Davidson meets next week so it seemed reasonable to ask if its Board would be doing something similar.

Here was Mayor Woods's response.

"In my experience, Davidson has never used a directed vote, trusting our representative to express our collective will.  Further, I do not recommend this procedure in this case." -John Woods

To be honest, that response is not unexpected.

Woods has been a valiant supporter of the I77 HOT  project - riding to its defense on more than one occasion.

Can the Board can be convinced to do otherwise?

Send them an email at to let them know how you feel.

Davidson has a lone challenger this election season - Michael Angell.  This question was posed to him as well.

Check back for updates to see how commissioners/candidates respond.

Update: Check most recent post for Davidson Candidate Michael Angell's position.

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