Sunday, August 9, 2015

Affordable Housing, Narrow Passage, Closed Session on Davidson Board Agenda

A packed agenda for Davidson Town Board meeting this coming Tuesday on topics we've covered here at aShortChronicle the past few months.

Affordable Housing, Narrow Passage, and a closed session on a personnel/hiring issue all will be discussed.

The closef session looks like it could be regarding retention of Davidson Town Attorney Rick Kline.  Readers may remember that approval of Kline's contract was tucked into the consent agenda last month.  It was quietly removed from the agenda at the meeting.

Commissioner Beth Cashion asked via email to have it pulled pending further discussion.

We hope Davidson Commissioners will think long and hard on this one.  Mr Kline has been at the center of multiple real-estate related controversies involving perceived conflicts between his role as town attorney and his private practice.

Full agenda below:

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