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This page contains posts on all things Davidson North Carolina.  Davidson is a wonderful small town with big ambitions.  It's like living in a Norman Rockwell painting at times, but like Rockwell's paintings there are plenty of opportunities for social comment and satire.

Living in Davidson

More Donations and Volunteers for the Davidson Community Garden NEW
Veterans Day 2013 in Davidson (Photos and Video)
Harvest: It's Not Just a Fall Thing
Davidson Community Garden gets its own water supply!
Man, those are some yellow fields!
Davidson Community Garden Meets and Surpasses Fundraising Goal
Davidson Community Garden Fundraising Update
Davidson Community Garden Needs Your Help
Davidson Community Garden Reaches 1-Ton Goal!
Town Welcomes MSC from Main Street to YouTube
Affordable Housing Rules Ignored or Irrelevent in a Revaluation?
Public Service Announcement - Blackberries are ready for picking!
Davidson Trifecta: DCG, Market "Flash Mob", and Band of Oz
Will Red Line buyer's remorse hit Davidson residents like those in California?
Davidson Community Garden - Growing Food for a Good Cause
Davidson Community Garden off to a Great Start
Win One for Tradition

Davidson Politics

Davidson's Board Escapes Uncomfortable Vote on Affordable Housing NEW
In rare event for Davidson, Commissioner recuses himself
Davidson swears-in new elected officials. - VIDEO  
"And the survey says?" - Polling the Davidson Electorate
Endorsers and Ensorsees Everywhere this Election
Signs, Endorsements, Polling and Money...Davidson elections go mainstream
Davidson's Election Results...a look at the numbers
Davidson Town Board Meeting from the Twitterverse
Davidson 2014 Budget Hearing This Tuesday
About that "new" regularly scheduled meeting for Davidson's Commissioners
Town of Davidson Board Meeting from the Twitterverse
Rumor Mill Starts Churning on Pending Davidson Town Board Opening
CHS Breaks Ground Friday, Construction Site Problems Outlined at Town Board Meeting
Davidson Board Meeting from the Twitterverse...Town to get new auto repair facility
Small Business Knows Tolls Will be Bad for All Business
First APFO Goes, then H150 Rolls
Big Shoes to Fill in Davidson
NC Legislature Challenges Municipal Planning Authority - Davidson in the Crosshairs
Davidson Community Chat: HOT Lanes is HOT Topic
North Meck Gets New Republican Leaders, Davidson Gets $2000 Trash Bins
Davidson Wants You! Really???
The Day the Transparency Davidson
Davidson CIP Discussion Winds Down to December Vote
Davidson "Needs" list to pass tomorrow...
Backdoor Spending for Red Line in the Near Future?
Davidson Village...Last Bastion for Democrats in the LKN Area
Davidson CIP: Shell Game or Just a Lack of Caution?
Davidson Spending Plans from the Twitterverse
Capital Improvement Plan Preview...this one could sting a little
Davidson Eyes Spending Money From Mi-C New Agreement
Davidson 4 Year Terms Proposal Withdrawn
Special meeting on 4 Year Terms
Is Davidson Following Correct Procedure on 4 Year Terms Charter Amendment?
June Board Meeting Rundown - No Budget Vote, And More Importantly - No Camping with Mace
Davidson Absent from Town Hall Day in Raleigh
Have we lost Davidson?
Red Line, Mi-Connection, CHS Mental Health Facility - Hot Topics at Commissioner Chat
Davidson Commissioner Chat at Hopewell Baptist Church
New Mi-Connection Agreement - What does it really mean?
New Mi-Connection Agreement - What to do with the money?
Proposed New Mi-Connection Agreement - Prelim Analysis
Mi-Connection relief in sight? Find out next week...
What's Next in Davidson, Stocks and Pillories on the Green?
Costly Decisions Adding Pennies to Davidson's Tax Rate
Budget Season in Davidson
Closed Session Carousel in Davidson
4-Year Terms for Davidson Elected Officials...Reprise
Davidson Inches Towards 4-Year Term Referendum
Backing Into More Small-d Democracy
Money Well Spent
Davidson Moves to New Congressional Home, Says Goodbye to NC-12

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