The Red Line Chronicle

This page is will cover a running commentary to all things "Red Line Regional Rail". 

The Red Line decision will be the most important decision, for or against, that the towns of North Meck and South Iredell ever undertake.  Hopefully, you'll find this information source helpful.

Red Line Chronicle

Prelude - Randall O'Toole Comes to Town - Red Line Plan Gets Knocked Around
Chapter 1 - Why This is Important
Chapter 2 - Why the Rush?
Chapter 3 - Why Even Progressives Should Oppose the Red Line
Chapter 4 - A Forced Interlude and Alternatives
Chapter 5 - Alternative Choices and Federal Dollars
Chapter 6 - As We See Fit (why a referendum won't occur)
Chapter 7 - Project Goes Under the Knife
Chapter 8 - Red Line Task Force Back In Action
Chapter 9 - Consultants, consultants everywhere...Is NC Transportation beholden to big consulting?
Chapter 10 - Red Line project gets quiet boost from Raleigh. More to come?
Chapter 11 - Clock Runs Out on Current Red Line Finance Plan NEW

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