Davidson 4-Yr Terms Chronicle

This page contains all things about the pending referendum to change Davidson's elected positions from 2-year to 4-year terms.  It is being maintained in conjunction with the grassroots effort on Facebook Vote "NO" Davidson 4-Year Terms.

In 2010 the Town of Davidson began discussing the possibility of extending term for the Mayor and Commissioners from 2-years to 4-years - an idea that had been entertained in the past but never acted upon.  By the Spring of 2011 the Town began serious discussions to make this change unilaterally without putting it to the voters.  After significant pushback from many in Town the issue was tabled once again.  Now, in 2012 the Town Board has started the process to put this question on ballot in what promises to be a historic turnout during the November presidential election.

If you are interested in helping maintain the status quo where Davidson residents enjoy frequent opportunities to vote for all of their elected officials, please join this effort on Facebook.

Vote 'NO' Davidson 4 Year Terms

Background Articles and Posts:

From 2012
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From 2011
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From 2010 DavidsonNews.net
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