Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WidenI77 issues stinging response to Javier "Mr Who Knows" Tamargo

Bullies usually don't know how to respond when people stand up to them.

With that being the case, it will be interesting to see the next move from Cintra/NCDOT/Mercury(?) now that has blasted back with a blistering broadside to Javier "Mr Who Knows" Tamargo and recent letter accusing the activist group of putting out false information about his project.

Here's the link to the group's response and the preceding letter.

It's well worth a read...

This kind of response is why the godfather of HOT lanes, Robert Poole of the Reason Foundation, recently said the local resistance the HOT lanes agenda is the strongest he's ever seen.

In the wake of Tuesday's expected loss at CRTPO, the release of this response on the same evening should be a vivid reminder to everyone that this fight is far from over and that those fighting it aren't about to back down.

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