Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mike Angell, Davidson's newest candidate, on CRTPO vote and tolls

I had the chance to speak with Mike Angell for the first time this evening.  Angell is the sole non-incumbent running for Davidson's Board this November.

Here's what he had to say on the issues of a directed vote and how he would vote if he was on the Board currently.

Angell said he opposed the idea of a directed vote, taking the position that if you can't trust the person to vote the way the Board wants, then you have the wrong person in that position to represent the Board.

When asked how the public would know a representative had voted the way a majority of the Board wanted, Angell said he'd be open to a non-binding vote of the Board on the issue of accepting the current TIP.  If the CRTPO rep (Brian Jenest) then voted against the Board's wishes, that would be clear.

Finally, when asked how he would vote in such a non-binding resolution if he was a Commissioner, he said he would vote against supporting the current TIP if it included the current HOT project.

Angell clarified that he's not totally opposed to the idea of tolls.  However, he does oppose the current P3 HOT plan.  He does not like the dynamic tolling process, the use of a foreign company in the P3 which takes money out of the state, the increase in passengers required from HOV-2 to HOT-3, and the use of a 50 year P3 contract for I77 versus the state managed toll proposals for other interstates in the Charlotte area.

So, there you have it.  Davidson's newest person on the political scene would support efforts to stop the current I77 proposal while not being completely anti -toll.

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