Wednesday, May 23, 2018

CiC Lutheran Church Fundraiser BBQ & Blugrass at D9 Brewing Co, Sunday May 27th

Community in Christ Lutheran Church in Cornelius, NC in partnershipwith D9 Brewing is hosting a fundraiser with BBQ, D9 beer, and music. Local artists will perform starting at 5pm. The Barefoot Movement, a bluegrass band based in Nashville, performs as the headliner starting at 7pm.   Mark your calendars now, and we hope to see you there as we support a good cause and enjoy the best of beer, BBQ, and bluegrass!

Our pitmasters specialize in eastern NC pork smoked, pulled, chopped, and seasoned to perfection. Plates will be sold for $5 at the event and include BBQ pork, bun, slaw, pickles, and chips. We’ll also have some BBQ sauce made from D9 beer just to make it complete.

A donation is requested for the concert in support of Community in Christ Lutheran Youth Music Ministry. Donations can be made at the event or online at Community In Christ's Donate Now page by entering your donation amount in the box next to Lake Norman MusicMission 2018-Benefit Concert.

For those interested in staying overnight, check out Comfort Suites in Huntersville and ask for the D9 concert rate.

Check out the Community in Christ  and D9 Brewing Company Facebook event pages for updates.

Contact Justin Shingleton at for more information.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Davidson Residents Mobilize Over Mobility


Rain did not stop residents of Potts, Catawba, Jetton and South Main from attending the Potts Walk on Friday. The neighborhood advocacy group was joined by Alta Vice President Wade Walker, Alta Planner Heather Seagle, Commissioner Autumn Michael, and Town of Davidson Planner Travis Johnson.

The neighborhood has been under significant development pressure over the past year. Residents say the long list of projects threaten their neighborhood’s rural vernacular: Crescent/Potts (246 apartments and nine townhouses with only one ingress/egress to Potts Street); NCDOT Project U-5873 (roundabout at the YMCA and redirection of Potts Street); Town of Davidson plans to use eminent domain to build a ten-foot path in the front yards of Potts Street residents; NCDOT Project U-5907 (connection of Potts and Sloan through a wetland and possible asbestos); Alexander’s Corner (mixed-use); Lake Cornelius Residential (demolition of one home to build sixteen homes at the lake end of Catawba); and the forthcoming redevelopment of Hoke Lumber (current zoning allows four-story commercial surrounded by a neighborhood of single-family homes and The Bungalows).

Residents presented their mobility ideas during the walk:
● The Mooresville to Charlotte Trail should come from the north along the Potts-Sloan-Beaty (PSB) to Catawba Avenue, where it should make a left turn to connect to the Greenway that runs behind Carrburrito’s to Antiquity.
● The Town of Davidson should require Crescent to build a five-foot sidewalk from the Potts-Summers House to the Lake Norman YMCA. Oak trees and crape myrtles should not be cut down and yards should not be encroached upon for a ten foot path in this historic district. This will save the Town money whereas Greenways cost $1.5 million per mile.
● Any multi-use trail to the YMCA should go through the Potts/Crescent property, not along Potts Street.
● A five-foot sidewalk should be constructed under the railroad bridge. There should be no use of eminent domain to take properties along South Main Street.
● Remove the redundant multi-use path on Twin Oaks Road.
● Town of Davidson Commissioners should speak out about “right-sizing” the roundabouts and insist on Town input on the process.

One resident at the Potts Walk suggested that the Town allow Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, like the Onward Golf Cart, on Davidson streets. He cited both social and environmental benefits.

Readers also sent in questions about the Mobility Plan process:

● Is the plan going to address vehicle growth and actually find a way to handle it besides asking people to walk, bike or ride the bus?
● Will they consider eminent domain in order to make connections?
● How will they prioritize pedestrian needs, biking needs, and roadway needs? How will they choose between ten-foot paths and vehicle needs to address significant traffic problems?
● How many more rooftops can be added to Davidson (based on current zoning) - including approved but not built plans until the town is "built out?" What is the high-low range? For example, rural area zoning allows for x, y and z types. If the lowest amount in each area was built and you added those together you would get the low range and then if the maximum amount was built and you added those together you would get the high end of the range. We need to know what the "built out" range could currently look like (even if it is 20-50 years away) and make sure our road infrastructure can accommodate the low end.

The Potts-Catawba advocacy group plans to have significant representation at the three-day charrette. 

Here is the charrette schedule:

Tuesday, May 22
Drop-in session: Davidson Town Hall
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Summary session: Davidson United Methodist Church
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Wednesday, May 23
Drop-in session: Davidson Town Hall
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Summary session: Davidson Town Hall
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Thursday, May 24
Drop-in session: Davidson Town Hall
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Final presentation based on entire charrette: Davidson Town Hall
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Davidson Board discussing joining Municipal Charter School bill on Tuesday

Davidson's Board has the possibility of requesting town inclusion on H514 on its agenda this coming Tuesday.

H514 has created a lot of swirl in Mecklenburg County in recent weeks as the bill has gained traction.  Originally a bill that would allow Matthews and Mint Hill to start municipal charter schools, both Cornelius and Huntersville asked to be added to the bill a couple of weeks ago.  Those moves garnered a response from CMS which held a public meeting last week in North Mecklenburg to discuss the issue.  The agenda item for Davidson's Tuesday meeting includes a copy of the resolution Cornelius passed asking to be added.

According to the staff memo included with the agenda item...

It is recommended that, should the town board want to ask our legislators to add Davidson to this bill, that the town board take action to do that at this May 22nd board meeting, so that the state legislature could potentially approve it in this current short legislative session. Otherwise, if the town wanted to ask for this authority, and it was not considered at this short legislative session, the next opportunity would be the long legislative session starting in January 2019.

This means that if you as a citizen want your input heard on this issue, the only opportunity (unless the Board adds a public comment section for the Tuesday meeting) would be to email the Board at before the meeting.

It will be interesting to see how the Board looks at this one.

On the one hand, Davidson residents already have proximity to two excellent charter schools in Community School  of Davidson and Pine Lake Prep.  Also, Davidson Elementary is undergoing a conversion to a K-8 school.  On the other hand, the explosive growth on the horizon with the already underway development in new large neighborhoods like Westbranch and Davidson East as well as numerous infill projects, could lead to overcrowding in the near future.  With no CMS bond money coming to the area in the next several years, municipal charters could be an option to relieve that.  However, on the other hand executing on that takes money and Davidson already has plans in the works for other projects that will jack up the tax bills of residents.  Adding a school would be a hefty expense the Town likely couldn't afford even if it did have permission to do so.  Finally, on the other hand the Town is currently negotiating with CMS to use the old Davidson IB building as Town and CMS office space.  Asking to be added to a bill that CMS opposes would be counterproductive to those goals.

As you can see this one is complicated - having more "hands" than seems manageable to decide in a single Board meeting.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Davidson Hotel...the wait continues...

Yesterday's court date came and went with no action.

After a brief hearing, a continuance was granted and now the decision is back to next week on Tuesday 5/22 at 2pm.

The wheels of justice turn slow sometimes, but they are turning.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Potts Street Walking Tour Friday, May 18


The Town of Davidson Mobility Plan Walking Tour of Potts Street will meet at the Davidson Community Garden this Friday, May 18th, at 1:00 pm. Join Town of Davidson planning staff, elected officials, representatives from Alta Planning, and concerned residents.

Potts Street is one of the oldest and most historic streets in Davidson. The street is lined with 100 year-old oak trees and crape myrtles. Residents say the rural vernacular is threatened by NCDOT projects U-5873 (roundabout at the YMCA and redirection of Potts Street) and U-5907 (connection of Potts to Sloan). The Town of Davidson/NCDOT/Kimley Horn project may use eminent domain to build a ten-foot path in the front yards of Potts Street homeowners. Some residents are concerned about disturbing asbestos.

Citizens of both Davidson and Cornelius are also concerned about traffic, safety and quality of life issues related to Crescent’s proposal for 246 apartments and nine townhouses. The plan has only one ingress/egress to Potts Street. Other concerns include high-density and large impervious (concrete) surface in the Class IV Critical Watershed (drinking water). The fifteen acres are bound by the railroad, Lake Cornelius, and private property. Crescent withdrew the project from the seven-acre Cornelius side of the Potts Property in September 2017.

Put on your walking shoes, grab a friend, and bring your concerns or suggestions.

Here is the complete list of tours:

1. North Main Street Walking Tour:
Date: Friday, May 18
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Meeting point: Corner of Jackson and North Main St.

2. Potts Street Walking Tour
Date: Friday, May 18
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Meeting point: Davidson Community Garden

3. West Side Walking Tour
Date: Saturday, May 19
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Meeting point: Roosevelt Wilson Park

4. Circles @ 30 Walking Tour
Date: Monday, May 21
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Meeting point: Community School of Davidson on Griffith Street

5. Loop of Davidson Biking Tour
Date: Tuesday, May 22
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Meeting point: Town Green/Library

Monday, May 14, 2018

Next court date on Wednesday in Davidson Hotel lawsuit

aShortChronicle has learned that the next court date has been set in the lawsuit seeking to overturn the zoning approval of the proposed Griffith Street Hotel.

Plaintiffs are asking for a judgement on the pleadings regarding claims of procedural violations and noncomplince with the Davidson Planning Ordinance.  A successful judgement would negate the need for further legal action.

This will be heard on this Wednesday, May 16th, at 11am in room 6310 at the Mecklenburg  County  Courthouse.

(This next hearing is a week earlier than originally expected.  aShortChronicle had previously reported the next action would not take place until May 22nd.  However, that is not longer correct.)

The original request for such a judgement was submitted by the attorney for the landowner and developer defendants.  However, that request was submitted prior to the Town of Davidson even submitting its response to the plaintiffs claims.  Requests for judgements like this must be sumitted once all the responses are subitted to the court.

Now that all of the responses are in place, the plaintiffs are the ones asking for a judge to make a decision.

Court hearings are open to the public.  If this issue is important to you, citizens are welcome to attend.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Food Truck Jam at Beaver Dam TONIGHT! 3-10pm

Following on the successful inaugural event there will be another food truck rally Saturday evening at the Beaver Dam House owned by the Town of Davidson off of Davidson-Concord Road.  The initial event on April 13th drew hundreds to this unique location.  Come on out and help cement another community event for the town.