Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Things just a got interesting with Davidson's election!

This election season Davidson's municipal campaigns have taken a back seat with local media coverage compared to what is going on in Cornelius and especially in Huntersville.  Davidson Mayor John Woods is running unopposed and the election to Davidson's Town Board features five incumbents and one challenger - political newcomer Michael Angell.

I do not know Mr Angell, having spoken to him one time soon after he filed back in July.  The outcome of that discussion was this post on the idea of directed votes and specifically the recent vote at the CRTPO to approve the TIP if it included the I77 HOT Lanes plan.

From that post Angell indicated:

If he was a Commissioner, he said he would vote against supporting the current TIP if it included the current HOT project.

Angell clarified that he's not totally opposed to the idea of tolls.  However, he does oppose the current P3 HOT plan.  He does not like the dynamic tolling process, the use of a foreign company in the P3 which takes money out of the state, the increase in passengers required from HOV-2 to HOT-3, and the use of a 50 year P3 contract for I77 versus the state managed toll proposals for other interstates in the Charlotte area.

Now, there is this...

After last night's raucous public hearing on the Catalyst Project at Town Hall, I messaged Angell today about a Facebook comment that indicated he was opposed to the ideas presented.  Below is what he just posted to his campaign Facebook page this evening.

So, here you have a candidate who has taken positions on two of the most critical issues facing the town.  He may be political newcomer, but he seems to have a very good sense for how the public feels.

With early voting sites opening in North Mecklenburg on Saturday, things could get really interesting really quickly if the energy in the room at Town Hall Tuesday night was to fall in line behind a fresh face.

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