Sunday, October 4, 2015

Marco Rubio taps the "$19,116.45 Man" to help lead his NC campaign

As the Republican field slowly winnows, Marco Rubio has been the one professional politician who has seen his poll numbers creeping in the right direction.  For those looking for a fresher face while not being comfortable with a full-blown outsider (Trump, Carson, Fiorina), Rubio seems like the best choice.

Unfortunately, this week his campaign made an announcement that should ding his chances in North Carolina and quite frankly makes me question his judgment.

Rubio's campaign announced that Lincoln County State Representative, Jason "The $19,116.45 Man" Saine, will co-chair his effort in North Carolina.

Now, I like Rubio as a candidate.  In fact, until this announcement I was probably leaning towards him as my primary election choice. However, picking a national board member of ALEC and someone who spends over $19k in campaign funds on clothes makes me cringe.

With his somewhat flashy Miami image, the media has had it out for Rubio and his own spending habits in the past.  Remember this story from Rubio's 2010 US Senate campaign about pricey haircuts?

I can just see the campaign ads now..."Rubio and Saine go on shopping spree.  Spend thousands on socks, belts, and other accessories." 

Queue the ZZ Top playing in the background. 

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