Sunday, October 4, 2015

Near tragedy ends with "best case scenario" for local landmark

At about 1:25pm yesterday things got exciting at the Shops on the Green shopping center in Cornelius with the arrival of 6 fire trucks.

There was a fire in progress at Prosciutto's Pizza!!!

After what looked like it could turn out to be a very bad situation - flames could be seen coming momentarily from the area of the roof vent - everything quickly came under control.

There were no injuries and miraculously, the restaurant remained open for business.

Owner Joel Pfyffer posted on Facebook shortly after the incident.

"As far as having a fire goes, this was the best case scenario. Thanks to the Cornelius-Lemley Fire Department for their quick and professional response!"

The fire was apparently the result of a small electrical issue in the front eve of the restaurant which contained the damage.  Fire fighters also did not have to go through the roof to put out the fire which was good news as well.  According to another owner of a shop in the complex, the roof was just recently redone in the shopping center.

Sitting right near Exit 28, Proshiutto's has been one of the more public business supporters of the anti-toll effort led by with its ongoing Wednesday night fundraiser to support the group's legal costs.  From WidenI77's Facebook page, Pfyffer "has pledged to donate 10% of all proceeds from his pizzeria to benefit the WidenI-77 Legal Fund starting on Wednesday, September 9th and select Wednesdays thereafter.

Maybe other local businesses should take note of the good karma being paid Phyffer's way and get on the bandwagon.  What could have been a story ending in tragedy, turned out to be a relatively minor inconvenience.

If you are looking for some good karma yourself, head on out this Wednesday for your weekly pizza fix - a little might rub off on you.

Just sayin'...

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