Thursday, October 29, 2015

North Meck early voting holds firm amid county wide falloff

Going into Thursday with three days left in early voting, it appears that totals for North Mecklenburg are almost exactly at 2013 levels while the county as a whole has fallen off considerably.

As of the Wednesday before election day, only 9,146 people had voted at the county's early voting sites.  In 2013 that total was 12,592.  That's a 27% drop!

However in North Mecklenburg the numbers seem to be holding.  The total numbers at the North Regional Library and Cornelius Town Hall are almost exactly the same as they were at this point in 2013.

1041 this year versus 1048 in 2013.

Assuming these two sites account for the vast majority of early voters from Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson it would appear there is a bit more enthusiasm in the north of the county than there is in the county as a whole.

Even so, it is hard to use the word "enthusiasm" when turnout is still this anemic.

2013 was a very close contest in a number of races in the local municipalities. With voting totals on par with that cycle, looks like we could expect the same this time around.

In the spirit of a Renaissance Festival herald...

Get thee to the polls!!!

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