Tuesday, October 27, 2015

2015 Election Davidson recommendations...

Election Day is upon us and it is time to head to the polls. Here are some suggestions for Davidson based on the methodology outlined in my upcoming column from this week's Herald Weekly.  Be sure to check that out on Thursday.

Davidson has seen a lot of positive change at town hall since the last election, and much of the credit goes to the newest faces on the Board - Commissioner Stacey Anderson and Mayor Pro Tem Beth Cashion.

On their watch the town has seen significant change in senior town staff with the retirement of Leamon Brice and the recently announced resignation of Town Attorney Rick Kline.  Getting new thinking and perspective in these important staff positions will be a plus for the town.

Since these two Commissioners have joined the Board, the town has become more open in communication in various ways and my personal experience is that they are willing to get their hands dirty with thorny neighborhood issues if needed.

They are the only two Commissioners from Davidson who signed a 2014 letter to Governor McCrory asking for a delay in the initial HOT lanes contract signing.  They are also committed to resolving the Mi-Connection situation and realize it was never a business the towns should have entered.

Both Anderson and Cashion deserve reelection.

Newcomer Michael Angell also deserves a look.  On the two biggest issues facing the town - I77 and the Catalyst project - Angell has had the right answers.  He has stated the HOT contract with Cintra is a very bad deal for all the right reasons.  He is the only candidate on record fully stating the Catalyst Project is a bad idea for Davidson.

Having a voice like Angell's on the Board may have brought the issues uncovered at last week's public hearing on the Catalyst Project much sooner.

Now, for the Mayor's race in Davidson.

Mayor John Woods is once again running unopposed, an unfortunate situation to be sure.

Over his long tenure as an elected official, Mayor Woods has certainly done some good things.  His love of Davidson should not be questioned.  However, when it comes to the biggest decisions facing the town, Woods's track record is lacking.

He supported creating Mi-Connection which is the single worst decision in the town's history.  He became the face of the Red Line effort and the blind pursuit of rail transit without first securing solid permission from Norfolk Southern.  He has also been anything but an opponent of the Catalyst Project which has the potential to alter the very fabric of the town.

While it is a shame that he has no opponent this time around, voters do have a choice.  They can leave the race blank.

Doing that can send the message that even if the officeholder does not change, the thinking needs to.

Just my 2 cents...

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