Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The LNTC is dead! Long live the LNTC!!!

We've reported previously on the demise of the Lake Norman Transportation Commission. See here and here.

The transportation group funded by Davidson, Cornelius, Huntersville, and Mooresville was incarnated to help represent the local towns and their collective interests when it comes to transportation issues.

Since 2008 the body has had what can best be described a a mixed bag of results.  At best, it has given the area a seat at the table when it comes to local transportation discussions.  However, that seat comes with no real authority and when facing the largest issues impacting the towns the body has been ineffective.  Think of the failures surrounding the Red Line Regional Rail and I77 HOT Lanes projects as examples.

To that end Huntersville decided to pull out of the body earlier this year to pursue a less formal and less expensive approach.  Cornelius and Davidson soon followed suit to avoid getting stuck with a larger portion of the bill.  Almost all of the body's funding goes to pay the executive director's salary - over $80,000 per year.

So, with all that being said, it was rather surprising to see an agenda item for a new LNTC MOU on Monday night's special board meeting held at Davidson United Methodist Church.  The main event for the meeting was to see a presentation on the towns new Rural Area Plan,  but there were also a few other items for discussion  (The meeting needed to be held off site presumably due to Tuesday's election and the Town Hall meeting room serves as a voting location.)

aShortChronicle obtained a copy of the Draft MOU for a new Interlocal Agreement.  Here is the gist of it.  Davidson is apparently looking to join a reconstituted LNTC made up of Davidson, Mooresville, Troutman, Statesville, and Iredell County.

Town Public Information Officer, Christina Shaul, provided a few wordsmithing comments made by Commissioners on the below document.  However, none of them change the fact that the town is considering joining a body it just left and that it appears it will be the only Mecklenburg entity in what will be an Iredell County heavy organization.

Mayor Woods and Commissioner Jenest pushed hard for Davidson to remain in the LNTC even as Huntersville and Cornelius left the old organization.  It appears they may have gotten their way if this goes forward.

What most disappointing about the below proposal is that it seems to have many of the same issues as the old body.  It makes recommendations, but they aren't binding.  Thus it seems hard to imagine it will have any more impact on large decisions than the old LNTC.



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  1. Anything to keep the Red Line dream alive.