Sunday, June 12, 2016

Raucous Town Board meeting on tap in #Davidson

If you've been planning on attending a Davidson Town Board meeting but haven't gotten around to it, this Tuesday promises to be a good one.

Multiple high profile items are on the agenda.

At the beginning of the meeting, the town will hear from Scott Cole with the NCDOT.  As reported on Saturday, the NCDOT sent a press release on Friday announcing a plan to reduce speed on the "Davidson-Concord Speedway", but the announced plan does not immediately address the most dangerous aspects for pedestrians.

Last month citizens packed Town Hall and the plan likely won't satisfy parents concerned about the dangerous crosswalks at Robert-Walker and Appollinaire.

The town has also added a discussion titles "I77 Managed Lanes".

After last week's disastrous revelation that Mayor John Woods secretly went to Raleigh to support the project, this will definitely be newsworthy.  Woods was accompanied on that trip by Cornelius Mayor Chuck Travis.  It is being reported that the Cornelius Board is considering a vote of no confidence in Travis and possibly even asking for his resignation.

Woods claims he was not speaking in behalf of the Davidson Board when in Raleigh.  That's in spite of the fact the meeting occurred on Town Day at the NCGA when electeds from all over the state were there to represent their towns.

The post on Woods's response has rocketed to the #6 most read piece here at aShortChronicle.  There is definite interest in this one.

Will Davidson Commissioners do anything to Woods, or will they let him skate?

Oh yeah, and the Town will pass next year's budget.

The meeting starts Tueaday at 6pm.

Bonus Observation:  There is also one item on the agenda that would normally be a formality.  The removal of the commercial section from Summers Walk is set to be approved.  Commissioner Brian Jenest's firm firm is doing the work.  Will he ask to be recused?  He should.  But, will he?

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