Thursday, June 16, 2016

#DavidsonConcordSpeedway No More: Lower speed limits posted on Thursday

Moving at what can only be described as lightning fast speed for a large government agency, NCDOT workers posted lower speeds along the length of Davidson-Concord Road on Thursday.

This comes just two days after the Board meeting described in the previous post where residents implored the agency to not wait and tie the lower speed to the West Branch development.

At the Tuesday meeting after the public hearing there was a rapid fire discussion with multiple points discussed about enforcement, the technicalities of how speed limits are set, and even an arcane discussion of the "default" speed limits for  municipalities involving exactly which parcels of land along the road are  (and are not) within the town limits.

In the end though it boiled down to this.  The town sent the below letter.

The letter asks for speed limits according to the below map.

And NCDOT made the changes.

When asked to explain the change in approving the 35mph starting at the Beaver Dam House heading into town, NCDOT Engineer Scott Cole had this to say.

"We approved the speed limit reduction to 45mph and to 35mph prior to the meeting, but we're really discussing the details of the timing of the reduction.  We had proposed reducing the speed limits as the proposed development was to come on line.  The Town Commissioners and therefore the Town proposed and expressed through their resolution, that they wanted the reduction to 35mph to occur immediately.  We respected the Town's wishes on timing and moved to implement immediately.  The signs should be in place at this time."

And that they are, for which many in town are very thankful.

Drivers should also know that at the meeting Chief Miller said "35 means 35!", so don't say you weren't warned!

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