Monday, June 20, 2016

A crack in the "Catalyst Project" dike?

Monday morning Davidson Commissioner Stacey Anderson asked to join the Paradise Lost Facebook group.  That's the group of citizens leading the charge against the controversial Catalyst Project to develop land around the current Town Hall.

She immediately posted this proposal.

For reference, Fire Station #2 is in the design phase and will be located on town owned property next to the Beaver Dam House on Davidson-Concord Road.

At first glance this seems like the most reasonable idea thrown out to date.

It makes good use of existing town resources.  It gets the town out of the development business as part of this project.  It also could be done in manageable phases.

Certainly there would be costs to this proposal like any of the others, but those could be managed in smaller chunks.


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  1. Hooray for Stacy! But item 4 needs to be removed - the Town should get out of the development business. That development opportunity and tenants are still there and available for the private property owner.