Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Meet the "Washam Neighborhood"...ANOTHER development by ColeJenest&Stone in Davidson

Commissioner Brian Jenest's firm is on a roll in Davidson.

Yesterday, David Boraks broke the story on a new neighborhood of 99 units on South Street involving Jenest's firm.  While this neighborhood is technically in Cornelius, it is on the Davidson side of the covered bridge connecting to Antiquity and feels like it's in Davidson proper.

Now comes notice via the Town of Davidson website that another ColeJenest&Stone designed neighborhood is in the works at the other end of town.

Meet the "Washam Neighborhood"...

From the town website...

"The Washam neighborhood is located on the south side of June Washam Road. The proposed development includes property located within the Neighborhood Edge and Rural planning areas. As proposed, the +/-52 acre Washam neighborhood would feature 80 housing units with +/- 20.6 acres of open space, yielding 1.6 units per acre with 40% open space."

"NVR-Ryan homes 'the Applicant' intends to develop the 52± acre site for a detached, single-family residential community. In conjunction with this development, the Applicant is coordinating with the North Carolina Department of Transportation and The Town of Davidson regarding the realignment of a portion of June Washam Road in order to provide additional traffic calming measures to support safer mobility in the area."

The highlighted comment about realignment is interesting.

During the June Davidson Board meeting the possibility of the Town taking over June Washam from the State was mentioned by one of the citizen speakers.  It was given as an example of the town being willing to take over roads to support development.

There was pushback from the dais from Commissioners Graham and Anderson indicating Commissioners were unaware of that possibility.

A March 25th email available via public records between ColeJenest&Stone, the developer, NCDOT and Town Staff indicates taking over June Washam as a topic of conversation.  What becomes of that and the "coordinating" efforts between the town, NCDOT and the developer remains to be seen.

However one thing would seem to be clear.

Town commissioners may want to take a more active role in keeping track of development conversations that could lead to requests to put the town on the hook.

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