Thursday, April 21, 2016

VIDEO - Davidson-Concord Road Speedway while NCDOT waits....

It's long been known that the speed limit on Davidson-Concord currently set at 45mph is too high for an area with multiple pedestrian crossings.

The town has repeatedly said they've tried tow have NCDOT lower the speed, but NCDOT has refused.  From their point of view it's  still "rural".

The following videos were provided to aShortChronicle showing multiple incidents at just one crossing.

Does it look "rural" to you?

Will anyone let this girl cross the road?

Click HERE for Video

Does anyone not know you stop for school buses?

Click HERE for Video

Clocked at 50mph with no intention of slowing down?

Click HERE for Video

These videos all occur right near where the new West Branch neighborhood will be.  That's the 306 residence development the town recently let sail through approvals without addressing the traffic study issues first, the one where a sitting Commissioner - Brian Jenest - is involved with the project.

The town MUST do something about this before a truly dangerous situation becomes a truly tragic one.

Update:  From the videographer...Just so people know the last video is cut short because the phone was dropped as the moms ran into the street to try and stop the accelerating driver---sounds crazy right?  But the squeaking you hear at the beginning were the bus brakes---children were starting to unload and this idiot was ACCELERATING 50+ MPH with kids entering the cross walk! Trying to beat the pedestrians!

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  1. Why do the Davidson police give out so many tickets for junk like expired registrations and no insurance? These videos are an embarrassment. Instead of flags, maybe pedestrians should be given baseball bats to whack passing cars.