Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's the places that make Davidson "different", not the toys.

At a recent town meeting at the Egg when a question was asked about Davidson's high tax rate compared it its neighbors in North Mecklenburg, the response was that Davidson was "different".

Davidson certainly is different than many places, but it's some of those "different" places around town and the people involved that make it special. It's not the high taxes or the things those dollars buy that make it that way.

Instead its special places like...

Davidson Community Garden
ready for another season...

the Bernese Mountain Dog club stopping
by the DCG on a walk around town...

cool car that's not a Lamborghini
outside Davidson Pizza Company
and the tribute to Prince inside it.
the Rotary Club spending a Saturday
planting a butterfly garden outside
the Ada Jenkins Center

stopping by the Bradford Store on the edge
of town for a cookie and a Coke and
to check on the chickens with the kids.


  1. You mean the toys on top of the poles? They're so cute.

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  4. Click on the link. Toys is reference to previous post.