Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#Davidson seeking #NCDOT rep for feedback on "Davidson-Concord Speedway" at May 10th meeting

It's amazing the power a little video can have.

Late last Thursday we posted this piece with three disturbing videos showing incidents on Davidson-Concord Rd involving bad behaviour by inconsiderate drivers around school buses.

On Friday, after one reader saw the post, this event encouraging residents to attend the regular Davidson Board meeting on May 10th began circulating around cyberspace.  The invite encourages people to speak out before tragedy ensues (again) in this area.  Readers will remember the skateboarder who was involved in a serious accident at the intersection with Robert-Walker Drive a few years ago.

After several hundred page views and watching that invite circulate, aShortChronicle has learned that by Monday an official request was made to get this subject on the agenda for May 10th and a representative from NCDOT may be present.

Here's hoping that's true.  Otherwise it will likely be an extra long "public comment" period which traditionally occurs at the beginning of regular Board meeting.

At the April Board meeting when the town was discussing pedestrian safety in the wake of the tragedy on Main St a few weeks ago, Mayor John Woods indicated he had a good working relationship with the "Chair of the whole department" (referring to NCDOT) and could use that influence to get them involved on the Downtown crosswalk issue they were discussing at the time.

Assuming the Mayor meant NCDOT Secretary Tennyson, here's also hoping the Mayor can use that influence to ensure someone from NCDOT shows at the May meeting to hear citizen concerns.

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