Sunday, April 10, 2016

Public tennis courts in Davidson? East side park plan includes that possibility.

Sunday afternoon, Davidson Parks and Rec held the first of the 2 scheduled public meetings for the possible addition and upgrades of park facilities on Davidson's East Side.

The meeting offered residents their first glimpses of proposed ideas for  new park in front of the Bailey Springs neighborhood as well as changes to the existing park across Davidson-Concord Road in front of the entrance to River Run.

Here's the basic gist.

On the River Run side...

1. Remove the current tee ball diamond at the River Run site and move it across the road to the Bailey Springs site.  This is necessary because the current location is actually in the Duke Power right of way and the dugouts are not really permitted there as a permanent structure.

2.  Expand the size of the existing soccer field to make it regulation size.  The current field is not quite full size.

3.  Replace the tee ball field at River Run with something like sand volleyball courts.

4.  On the back side of the soccer field closest to the Beaver Dam House build some sort of children's play area.

On the Bailey Springs side...

1.  Add the tee ball field removed from the River Run side.

2.  Add six public tennis courts.  These would be the first in Davidson.  In response to a question during the session, these courts would not be lighted per the deed restrictions on the land when it was donated for the park.

3.  Parking would be expanded somewhat from the existing 1 row of parking there currently.  One meeting participant pointed out that even that may be inadequate.  (Parking, the perennial problem in Davidson.)

Here are pictures of the drawings presented by the consultant working on the project.

Existing River Run park

New Bailey Springs Park

Parks and Recreation Director Kathryn Spatz indicated there was about $380,000 in budget for the immediate work.  It was indicated that might cover moving the tee ball diamond, expanding the soccer field, and building three of the tennis courts.  Completion of the work would come later.  It was also indicated that none of the athletic fields in either location would ever be lighted.

All in all, these look like nice additions to Davidson's East Side.

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