Saturday, April 23, 2016

Meet the "Davidson ELF"

Davison Town Hall has a new toy!!!

The Davidson ELF, or Electric Light Fun, vehicle made its public debut at the Farmers Market on Saturday.

It's one of the newest purchases for the town's Parks and Recreation Department.

The two seat recumbent bicycle supposedly can reach speads up to 18mph.   That's a pretty good clip for a bike, but the ELFcertaonly won't be taking the place of any town owned cars.

The ELF earned itself a mention in the current year town budget with a
line item of $10,000 for purchase of a "solar and pedal hybrid vehicle and storage".

Yes, you read that correctly - $10,000!?!?!

The town was having a naming contest at the market, so we thought we'd throw out our entry.

"The OPM Express"

Other People's Money always spends fastest!

Update: From town staff on Sunday to provide additional back story...

Public Works had requested a pick up truck last spring for this year's budget as they were one short. P&R had a truck as our lone department vehicle but I felt it would be better utilized in Public Works. Public Works has been using the previous P&R truck since March, 2015 and was able to eliminate that request from this year's budget request.

The advantage of the ELF for P&R is not only can we use if to get to town hall and to meetings around town (our main use of the truck when we had it) but we can also take the ELF on greenway.

The $10,000 budgeted also covered the small shed which has been placed behind our office, which, in addition to securing the ELF, has provided some very helpful additional storage for our department.

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