Friday, May 13, 2016

Progress on the "Davidson-Concord Speedway"... and about that equipment at Appollinaire

We've been unapologeticly rough on the town recently regarding the speeding issue along this road.  The last post received a little pushback along those lines in the comments.

However, we are glad to see things beginning to happen.

As we mentioned in the update to the last post Rep John Bradford has gotten involved at the state level.  From what we understand that has at least a little something to do with recent encouragement from official Davidson as well.

On Wednesday evening, one day after the Board meeting, Rep John Bradford posted the below on his Facebook page.

"I met with the State's Traffic Engineer today, Kevin Lacy. His department is responsible for establishing speed limits across the state We met in my office to review the Town of Davidson's Resolution. He committed that he would be willing to travel to Davidson to meet with Town officials, Senator Tarte and me. He agree he would personally tour/drive/observe the road to determine if the posted speed limits are still appropriate per NCDOT's speed standards. The next step is he is going to give me some dates of his availability so that we can all coordinate our calendars. For clarity, legislators do not set speed limits but Senator Tarte and I want to help which is why we will coordinate this meeting and site tour. My sincere hope is that a re-evaluation by the head of the department will yield a fresh perspective and lower speed limit. Stay tuned..."

A reader also pointed out something unusual happening right at the site of the videos we posted in this piece.  What got the reader's attention? Some equipment that appeared beside the crosswalk at Appollinaire Drive first seen Wednesday morning.

Here's what Doug Wright, the Public Works and Projects Director, had to say:

"The town contracted with a vendor to provide “before” video footage of the Apollinaire intersection.  The state is installing an RRFB and pedestrian refuge.  Then, we will set up the camera again and get “after” footage.  The footage will be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the RRFBs – we measure the difference in driver yielding behavior.  The town’s role is to provide
the study."

RRFBs are the flashing beacons like the ones at Robert-Walker Drive. 

While these beacons were mentioned by residents  at the meeting Tuesday as not being all that effective,  every little bit helps.  Yours truly stood at the Appollinaire crossing yesterday and multiple cars passed without stopping.  It will definitely be interesting to see how much these beacons do  (or do not) improve things.

Regardless, it's a very positive sign that things seem to be happening.

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