Saturday, May 7, 2016

Davidson Agenda includes new "Davidson-Concord Speedway" Resolution

On Friday, Davison published the agenda for its upcoming Town Board meeting on Tuesday.  Citizens should take heart that it includes a resolution asking NCDOT to lower the speed on portions of the "Davidson-Concord Speedway" between 73 and the Rocky River roundabout.

Here it is.

This resolution is similar to the one passed back in August of 2014 with one critical difference.  It asks to lower the speed limit to 45 from 73 to Beaver Dam and then drop to 35 the rest of the way into town.  The 2014 resolution asked for 35 the entire length of the road.

This is a more reasonable resolution, one that NCDOT should consider.

The state agency recently proved it could move fast on safety issues, jumping to attention to fix the timing on the crosswalk lights in town.  Tragically, this only occurred after the recent fatality at a crosswalk on Main Street.

Here is hoping they listen to the town and help avoid more in the future.

Please plan on attending Tuesday's meeting to get your comments on record.  Davidson's meetings are video recorded.  Having these comments to go along with the resolution will be a powerful combination.

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