Saturday, September 12, 2015

"Ok Davidson" is new information resource in town

Facebook pages related to Davidson town issues seem to be all the rage these days.  We've seen pages both for and against the Narrow Passage project recently.  This past week saw the Paradise Lost page explode on the scene opposing the town's proposed Catlyst Project.

Now comes "Ok Davidson".

The page describes itself this way...

"Whether you live in the Town of Davidson, NC or just love it, Ok Davidson is a page dedicated to staying on top of what’s going on in and around our town.

Ask a question. Answer a question. Ask for a recommendation and give one. Give a heads up about a local event. Find out what’s being built behind the gas station on Griffith. (I still don’t know.) is sorely missed. Until a new local site comes along to give us the news, let’s do it ourselves."

"Ok Davidson" did answer one question right off the bat for me.

What in the world is that free standing wall next to the new building under construction at Davidson College on Davidson-Concord Road?

Apparently, it is just a sample of what the building is going to look like when completed.  Daily curiosity solved!

While we'd like to think aShortChronicle fills a small bit of the void left by the departure of DNN, we realize it's likely not everyone's cup of tea.  Glad to see more hyper-local news sources jumping in to help fill the blanks.

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