Saturday, September 5, 2015

About those orange flags around the Westmoreland property in Davidson

Well, it appears that development swirl in Davidson is continuing at a furious pace.

If you live on the east side of town in the vicinity of the Westmoreland Farm property, you may have noticed the orange flags along Robert Walker and Davidson Concord Road as well as along the greenway.

Those are survey stakes.  There are also a bunch of the small utilities flags marking those locations as well.

Apparently, workers in trucks from a company named Cardno, Inc were seen on multiple occassions this past week doing work - including taking soil samples.  Per a local resident, these workers said they were doing the work on behalf of a "community development" company.

From its website, Cardno is a global engineering firm with an office in Charlotte.  A firm of that size would seem unlikely to be involved in anything small.

Davidson recently completed a planning ordinance rewrite which included rezoning of numerous parcels all across town - including the Westmoreland farm property.  That's why you are unlikely to ever see any of the large yellow rezoning signs.  The town took care of that for the landowners as part of its internally initiated work.

With these flags appearing so quickly on the heels of that rezoning, one has to wonder if anything was already in the works prior to the town finalizing the latest rezoning maps.

Keep your eyes on this one.

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