Sunday, September 27, 2015

Has NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett become his own worst enemy?

As mentioned in the previous post, Saturday's NCGOP Executive Committee/Central Committee meeting in Greensboro turned out to be a doozy - and a marathon.

With multiple controversial topics on the agenda including votes on...
  • proportional versus Winner Take All allocation of delegates in next year's presidential primary (the vote went with proportional)
  • whether or not to take action against Rep David Lewis for his role in pushing through last week's controversial bill allowing NCGA leaders to setup separate committees with the powers of a political party (the item ended up being avoided due to a technicality)
  • and selecting a new Executive Director (former AFP leader and Gov McCrory favorite, Dallas Woodhouse, got the nod)
Chairman Hasan Harnett started the day off by sending out a blistering email early Saturday morning.  That went over like a lead balloon and set the day off in a less than amicable direction.

Now, I'm not a trained negotiator, but I've got to think there is a chapter somewhere in Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People that says something along the lines of don't spit in someone's face if you want them to vote your way in just a couple hours.

Just sayin'...

Email from Hasan Harnett below...

To: Central Committee Members
To: Executive Committee Members
To: Republicans All Across North Carolina

To clarify to each of you...YES, the Central Committee will vote on and elect the next Executive Director for the North Carolina Republican Party without delay.

Our top prospective Executive Director Candidates are great and they have sacrificed their time, energy and treasure for this position. At the very least, these Candidates deserve a fair vote as we elect the next Executive Director.

Republicans all across the state are outraged. Your voices have been heard. Like you, I am deeply concerned.

Rest assure, there are specific individuals (on the Central Committee) who will attempt to mute your voice and concerns by delaying or even stopping the vote as we elect the next Executive Director.

It is also perceived that specific individuals (on the Central Committee) will also attempt to use the following strategies and tactics which include:

1. Fear
2. Intimidation (lack of fundraising)
3. Emotional Disturbance (lack of trust, confidence, etc.)
4. Disappointment (personal or collective feelings) and,
5. Confusion

Just to be crystal clear, all of this is designed as an attempt to distract, stall, delay, thwart, postpone or even suspend the vote as we elect the next Executive Director. It this be true, what a shame.

Remember the State Convention? Remember the energy? What you should remember about me, in the face of all this chaos, I remain steadfast ready and willing to work with all Republicans; however, some are set on seeing us fail. We just all need to work together. 

YES, Voting Members of the Central Committee will vote on and will elect the Executive Director for the North Carolina Republican Party. I strongly recommend you go into the ExComm meeting knowing who our next Executive Director is.

Executive Committee Members, if the bad news and perception from up above is true, you will hear ALL about it. And if so, may the names of these select individuals be thrust forward into the light. They must be held accountable and responsible for purposely working hard against me, against you and the ultimate success of the North Carolina Republican Party.

Republicans All Across North Carolina, may you remember the scriptures of John 3:20 when it says...

“Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.”

Stay Tuned. God Bless You. God Bless America.

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