Monday, September 7, 2015

About that drone over Concert on the Green Sunday night...

A Facebook friend posted a photo about a drone hovering over last night's Concert on the Green and Davidson.

As David Boraks pointed out in a comment, it does look suspiciously like an imperial tiefighter from the Star Wars movies.

Not to worry.  It was nothing nefarious and we are not about to see Storm Troopers on the Green.

Per the town Public Information Officer, Christina Shaul,

"Visit Lake Norman hired a video producer to take some aerial footage via drone. They went through the appropriate channels to get approvals from the Town of Davidson and applied for and received a film permit."

While not typically a fan of over regulating, it is nice to know VLN followed the rules and got a permit for this.  

Otherwise, people would be left wondering what that was all about!

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