Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Closed Session Carousel in Davidson

After planning and then canceling a closed session on an undisclosed topic prior to Tuesday's monthly Board Meeting, a closed session was re-added to the end of the agenda at the start of the evening's business. 

When the event was added Tuesday evening, Mayor Woods stated it was for a "legal matter" - one of the main areas where closed sessions are allowed by law. 

Ironically, this game of 3 card monte with closed sessions played out immediately after recognizing the graduates of the Town's latest Civics 101 class where citizens are supposed to learn how local government is supposed to work. Talk about unfortunate timing.

Davidson is currently fighting a lawsuit filed against the Town over its handling of the Davidson East rezoning.  However, no indication was given if that "legal matter" may be the subject of the closed session.   To avoid the type of controversy generated last year when the previous Board went in closed session, and the re-entered open session after the audience had left only to quickly purchase some foreclosed houses in the Bradford neighborhood, Mayor Woods assured those present Tuesday night that no such open session would occur later in the evening.

Good news!

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