Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mi-Connection Relief in Sight? Find out next week...

The biggest story to hit Davidson in years will actually happen in Mooresville on Monday.

"New MI-C agreement would alter towns' formula of risks, rewards"

In a story that was at least partially broken by Vince Winegardner in an email circulated around Davidson on May 12th and posted at, it appears that Davidson may finally be getting some relief from the ill-conceived financial arrangement on Mi-Connection that puts Davidson deeper in the hole for every customer signed up.  If this goes through, Davidson will be freed from at least a portion of the annual subsidy from the Town in the short-term while in effect adding more long-term obligation directly to Mooresville.

Per the Mooresville Tribune article this will be taken up on Monday with discussion Tuesday at the Davidson work session meeting.  This year's budget discussions have been extremely quiet so far, and the budget needs to be finalized by the end of June. I would strongly encourage people to attend Tuesday's meeting as this decision on Mi-Connection will have the most profound impact on Davidson's budget of any decision in years. 

If this goes through, any Davidson resident who does not currently subscribe to Mi-Connection could consider doing so while knowing they won't actually be making the situation worse for the Town.  That's a very good thing.

Update: also has a story on this...


  1. I would urge all M-I custumers to change services ASAP. Doing otherwise only enables and encourages folks like John Woods. What would happen if M-I lost 40% of their subscribers in 60 days? (Besides me laughing) Rick Barton

    1. Rick, thanks for the comment.

      While I philosophically agree with you that to a degree this bails out the politicians who made this poor decision, it is one that we the taxpayers of Davidson and Mooresville have to deal with. The "Mi-C problem" will also be with Davidson for years to come regardless. We'll be running up and then paying off our "credit card" with Mooresville for years even if MI-C goes profitable.

      Mayor Woods survived the last election with the current agreement in place. Bailed out or not, the voters chose to not hold him accountable.

      That's a mindset that may be unique to Davidson. However, it also may be changing.

  2. John Lynch (From Facebook)May 21, 2012 at 7:06 AM

    I have to think the lessons here are already learned. Trying to make "them" pay by exaserbating the losses for these government entities will have no positive outcome. Vote them out of office if you choose but don't punish the taxpayers. I would not support a boycott nor would I support telling people to switch to MI to save them and the town. They should experience the same market forces that their competitors endure. It is the American way.

  3. Rick Barton (From Facebook)May 21, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    you might be right John. M-I doesn't compete on a level playing field. Non union outside contractors.... you've seen the trucks with an out of state tag, and the magnet sign (contractor for M-I) You never see a an outside contractor doing work for ATT/time warner. That's the Davidson way I guess. Talk the liberal game, but at the same time bring in out of state non union labor to work on M-I.

  4. John Lynch (From Facebook)May 21, 2012 at 7:08 AM

    I am all for right to work non union labor. My point is that a government entity should NEVER own an interest in a private entity.