Friday, August 11, 2017

Exit 30 hotel parking meets the real world (pictures)

The below photos are an example of the parking disaster awaiting the Circles@30 area if Davidson approves more development next to the Community School of Davidson (CSD) without appropriate parking requirements. These were taken Thursday evening during the back to school Ice Cream Social.  Sent to aShortChronicle by a regular reader.

Facing Griffith, CSD on Left
Hotel will be in back center.

Harris Teeter side lot

Existing street parking

Facing up Davidson Gateway from Griffith
Street parking full.
Hotel on left, CSD on right

This situation may be inevitable to a large degree regardless of what is developed on this site, but Davidson Commissioners will make it much worse if they approve a hotel plan that is 36 spaces short of what is required and includes 30 on street spaces.

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