Friday, September 8, 2017

#Exit30Hotel Public hearing on Tuesday Davidson Board agenda

Davidson's Board is set to hold the required public hearing next Tuesday, September 12th for the controversial proposal to place a hotel next to CSD and across from Davidson Day on Griffith Street.

Check out the agenda item materials here.

While a number of conditions are set in these documents, many are only partially agreed to by the developer.  Disturbingly, none of the conditions reflect the very real safety concerns of putting a hotel use next to an elementary/middle school.  In fact, this aspect of safety is not addressed at all in the staff analysis.

As was shown in this previous post researching similar situations, approving this proposal without seriously addressing these safety concerns (some of which are demonstrated as being unaddressable) would place Davidson, and specifically any Commissioner voting for this proposal, seriously out of step with how these situations are normally handled.

To call that irresponsible would be an understatement.

You can see the whole agenda here.

A protest of multiple issues including the hotel is being planned nedin conjunction with this meeting.

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