Monday, January 1, 2018

Goodbye to 2017...what to expect in 2018 at aShortChronicle

2017 was a loooong year, and one not at all upsetting to see finally in the record books.  However, it was also a great year in some ways and a real breakout year here at aShortChronicle from a readership perspective, so that combo makes it bittersweet to see it go.

Davidson residents suffered through a Town Board that did many things in the face of significant citizen opposition.
  • a mass rezoning in the Rural Area to make development easier on large swaths of land.
  • a Beaty Street RFP process that divided the town
  • a controversial hotel proposal along Griffith Street
  • a new Town Hall spending plan without seeking voter approval
Those things will forever frame the memory of 2017.

On the flip side, these things will also be remembered as the events that sparked a truly genuine citizens movement, an awakening, under the banner of Save Davidson that led to a spectacular election day changing of the guard at Davidson Town Hall.  If the energy that drove people to get off the couch and get involved in local government can be maintained, it has the potential to create something truly unique - a town where the government hears from and actually listens to its citizens.

Since the beginning of aShortChronicle, a primary driver of this blog has been to shine a light on local government in hopes that more people would  get involved.  Local government in small towns is where individuals and small groups can truly have an impact.  It's the one facet of government not tarnished by excessive partisanship.  People get to truly participate, and if they don't like what they see, then they can actually change it.  2017 showed that to be true beyond any doubt.  If there is a silver lining to last year's controversies, that would be it.

As 2018 starts, readers will notice the last two posts were written by Melissa Atherton.  You will hopefully see a lot more of that in the coming year.  aShortChronicle has reached out to several people in hopes of getting more voices involved in covering events around town.  More perspective and commentary will provide more insight, but it will also provide more sorely needed capacity to cover everything happening in our community.

Thanks to all of this site's readers for a great 2017, and here's to 2018 being the year we all hope it to be!

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