Thursday, January 4, 2018

Davidson Commissioners meet for mini retreat on Friday...gaining effective citizen engagement a hot topic

Davidson elected officials are set to meet for a "mini retreat" on Friday at Starette Farm in Troutman.  The meeting runs from 9am to 4pm.  It will be facilitated by a group called Fountainworks.  Per Christina Shaul with the Town, their support "is a package deal for the mini-retreat on January 5 and the full retreat on January 24-26 for a total of $12,500. This includes meetings with the mayor, commissioners, and staff to prepare, facilitation preparation and day-of facilitation, supplies, travel expenses for the facilitator, etc"

From the agenda provided for the Friday meeting...

Overall goal of this retreat is to lay a foundation for the Board to work collaboratively together and for the Board and Staff to work collaboratively together. The second retreat in late January will focus on setting strategic priorities.

  • Board members get to know each other better personally and professionally
  • Board members set expectstions each on how they will work together
  • Board and Staff get to know each other better personally and professionally
  • Board and staff set expectations for how they will work together
  • Board and staff co-create a vision for community engagement in Davidson and generate ideas on how this can be accomplished
  • Board shares potential topics they wish to discuss at next retreat. (Staff also shares potential topics)

While this Friday meeting looks mostly to be an extended team building/planning/preparation session for the longer 3 day retreat later this month, it does contain a specific topic of discussion on how to gain "great community engagement in Davidson".  That's very nice to see.  aShortChronicle reached out to new Mayor Rusty Knox to see what he wanted to get out of this meeting.  His response falls right in line with this topic.  Knox Replied...

"I hope the main focus of the mini retreat centers on a shift in the way the town and it's citizens interact. Transparency and accountability were two buzz words during the campaign. I intend to carry through with those promises. Our staff is extremely talented and works in the best interest of the town. The direction the town has taken in the past has been one that sometimes put citizens and staff at odds. This should not be the case. With engagement from citizens and a more open dialogue, together we can do great things for our town. Our new Board will chart a new course and I think the end result will be positive for all."

Very encouraging words from the town's new Mayor - words that probably sound more like music to the ears of many citizens.

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  1. How nice it would be if the new Board and Mayor had a retreat without staff first!