Friday, August 4, 2017

Official Word: Save Davidson signs not specifically targeted

Photo by Howard Prince
With reports earlier this week that "Save Davidson" signs were disappearing around town, aShortChronicle checked with Town Hall to see what was up.

Friday, we heard back from Davidson Public Information Officer, Christina Shaul.

Question: How many signs have been picked up by code enforcement and have any fines had been issued.
Answer: Two signs have been collected from rights-of-way by our code enforcement officer. No fines have been issued.

Question: These signs do not seem to fall under an obvious section of the sign ordinance. Does the town consider them to be "political"? If so, is there any intent to attempt having them removed from private property where they are displayed at this point?
Answer: No, the Town doesn't consider these to be "political" There is no intent to have these signs removed from private property.

So, that's good news.  The town isn't officially making an effort to focus on SD signs.

However, that doesn't explain all the signs that have gone missing.  In a conversation Friday, Shaul mentioned signs that were retrieved from the West Branch greenway last weekend.  There were six of those signs, and they apparently weren't the same ones as the other two picked up by code enforcement.

According to information obtained by aShortChronicle, those signs disappeared sometime between 5-6pm last Sunday evening.  Should they have been on the greenway?  Maybe, maybe not.  However, they didn't last a day as they were bringing attention to the tree carnage occurring to make way for the West Branch neighborhood - carnage scarring the view from the greenway forever.

Here are those signs as seen Sunday morning.

So, to keep your SD signs "safe and secure", place them in your yard, not in the strip between the sidewalk and the street.  That strip is public right of way.

And if you are feeling creative, take measures like the ones pictured at the top.  If someone wants to take your sign, at least make them work for it.

If you want one of your own, no need to steal one-- you can order it at

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