Friday, August 4, 2017

"Brunch Bill" comes to Davidson on August 8th

In late June the NC General Assembly passed S155 aka the "Brunch Bill" allowing Sunday alcohol sales to start at 10am rather than noon.  To implement the bill in a local jurisdiction however requires an ordinance passed by the local governing body.

Mecklenburg County, Cornelius and Huntersville all jumped on the bill, immediately passing enabling ordinances at their July meetings.  Davidson however did not.  The Board had other things on their July agenda.

However, wait no more Davidson.  By Sunday 8/13 you will be able to get your first Sunday AM adult beverage.  Davidson's Board will take up the require Brunch Bill ordinance this coming Tuesday, and there is no reason to expect it not to pass.

Besides it's the least the Board can do to help ease the pain of many of the other things they've been passing recently.

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