Monday, June 19, 2017

It's a nice place to visit, but..

Uptown Charlotte can be an interesting place.  Unlike some who don't ever enjoy heading into the city, yours truly doesn't mind it at all.  I particularly like the "randomness" of it.  It's stuff you don't see every day, and it's interesting.

Guy playing a random
piano left on the street.

Acrobat in a giant ring

Kid playing bagpipes
(he was really good)
Giant pile of trash
(now that's urban!)

Then I get to come home and enjoy what Davidson has to offer.

Lemonade stands
Cows off the back deck
Wild blackberries picked
right down the street
They are different places for a reason, and while Uptown Charlotte is a nice place to visit - as the saying goes - I wouldn't want to live there.  So, for the life of me I can't understand why the leaders of "official Davidson" don't seem to get it.  They seem shocked that people are upset, even angry, over what is happening with development and how fast it is happening.

Even more so, people are shocked at Davidson Town Hall being a facilitator, even instigator, of these changes (Catalyst Project, Griffith Street Hotel, RAP mass rezoning, Beaty Street RFP).  People are tired of the condescending retorts about NIMBies or people wanting to pull up the drawbridge to keep people out when it comes to ideas emanating from Town Hall.  Instead, the public wants a laser focus on protecting what Davidson has to offer rather than a seeming desire to make it into a mini Charlotte.

The people living here now who are fighting these changes, don't ever want to say about this town, "it's a nice place to visit, but...".  Instead, they want to just want to make sure they can say, "it's a nice place to live".

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