Thursday, June 1, 2017

Activist effort makes name change to "Save Davidson"

Thursday evening, after fighting for months under the banner "Save West Davidson's Tree Canopy", activists who started out seeking changes to Davidson's Beaty Street RFP have decided on a name change.   With a nod to the fact the page has touched on numerous topics of great concern to all who love this town (not just the Beaty RFP), the page will now be known simply as "Save Davidson".

In a post to group members admin Denise Beall wrote:

Dear friends and supporters,

When we started this Group to save the West Davidson's Tree Canopy we were completely taken back by the overwhelming support our movement has received.

The interconnection of citizen struggles and the similarities of how the town has been addressing citizens and their legitimate issues and concerns was apparent. Many concerns around town have already been discussed here; Asbestos, Gentrification, RAP, Safe Hotels, Circles@30, Paradise Lost, and Potts Project to name a few. These discussions began to galvanize our belief that many of these experiences were symptoms of a larger problem: Local government and its fair, ethical and transparent representation and duty to the citizens of Davidson.

The Save West Davidson's Tree Canopy Group founders cannot deny that this group has become something even bigger than we had ever imagined and has morphed into a launching and landing point for our community to share information and support one another on issues across the Town of Davidson. Therefore, in an effort to embrace all our Davidson brethren, give a broader voice to concerns and become a spotlight for the upcoming election, we now say goodbye to Save West Davidson's Tree Canopy group name and officially change the group name to simply, 'Save Davidson.' The flow of our conversations will remain unchanged and we can continue to help one another as we have been all along.

The success of this group is due to many individuals, not simply one person—an army of citizens, seen and unseen. The continued success of this group depends on it's members and we encourage all to be fearless, if you see something, say something. Save Davidson!

That last part appears to be hitting home with residents as more and more people really do seem to be showing up at Town Hall meetings, doing public records requests, and posting useful information to educate the public on what's happening in town.

Nothing but good things can come from that.

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