Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Lake Davidson" rezoning hearing/vote on Monday in Mooresville

It is time to head to Mooresville Town Hall again on Monday for the next update one of the biggest development stories currently out there for the whole Charlotte region..

At 6 pm, the Mooresville Board of Commissioners will start their regular monthly meeting. On the agenda is a public hearing and potential vote on the rezoning of 140 Acres on Lake Davidson in Mooresville ETJ.  Last month, the hearing at the town Planning Board on the same subject drew a large crowd.

aShortChronicle expects a large number of Davidson area residents to be in attendance this time as well, possibly with attorneys in tow this time around.

At question is Mooresville's interpretation that this is in  fact just a "straight up" rezoning that meets with the town's stated plans.  If it is not, then this should be a what is called a "conditional" rezoning.  This line of reasoning was part of the conversation when Davidson Commissioners discussed a letter to Mooresville expressing Davidson's concerns with the project.  The idea of this being "conditional" rather than "straight up" has also been circulating around the area outside of Davidson Town Hall.

If this rezoning were to be "conditional" rather than "straight up", it would not stop the Lake Davidson project.  However, it would allow more control over how any future development occurred.  Conditional zonings can get very complicated, but they also can ensure the best development when done right because they can apply project specific conditions rather than giving the developer by right permissions available under standard zoning.

Developers generally hate dealing with conditional zoning.  By default, that means they likely benefit the public.

Also, in play here is the fact that Mooresville just lost a court case over its poor handling of the rezoning request for a new Costco at exit 35.  Will that make Board members a little gun shy this time?  Head to Mooresville Town Hall tomorrow evening to find out.

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