Sunday, October 23, 2016

John Bradford attracts some outside support in race for NC House 98

As aShortChronical has reported on extensively, Rep John Bradford has been the target of a blizzard of flyers paid for by NC Families First - a shadowy outfit funded by big DC money.

Well, it now appears Bradford is finally getting a little outside help as well in the flyer battle for NC98.

In recent days aShortChronicle HQ has received a few flyers from two organizations - "Mainstreet Merchants for a Better North Carolina" and the "NC Realtors"

The Mainstreet flyers hit mailboxes first with the NC Realtor drops occurring at the end of last week.

Here are a few things to notice about these flyers versus the ones from NC Families First.
  • These ads are all "support" ads for Bradford, not attack ads hitting his opponent.  In fact, Mainstreet has a history of only running support ads.
  • The money spent by these organizations appears to be significantly smaller than that of NC Families First. 
  • The money spent looks like it goes NC firms, not those in DC.
Outside money is an unfortunate fact of life in politics these days.  Now, some of it is flowing both ways in the final days of the race for NC98.

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  1. I received my first mailer in the D92 race over the weekend - from Grass Roots NC supporting Caulfield. Seems like the outside money thinks the D92 race is in the bag already for Mr. Beasley compared with the attention being shown to D98.