Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#Davidson Reverse Angle Parking...When are the training sessions?

aShortChronicle told readers a couple weeks ago about a new parking scheme coming to Davidson called "reverse angle parking".    It's an approach intended to make things safer for pedestrians by having people back into spaces instead of pulling in head first like normal.

The town put out this release on the approach on Tuesday.

Below are a few examples of how there might need to be some public training on the subject.  These are the new reverse angle spots on Jetton by the new Linden Apartments.  As you can see, it doesn't matter what time of day, only about half of drivers get it right.

Other readers in the Circles@30 area indicate the spots are too narrow and that the street itself is too narrow for lots of reverse driving parkers.  Also, the spots are right after the roundabout at Griffith street, so you will have people coming off that roundabout being met by people backing up into these spots.  Finally, many and possibly most people leaving these spots will be wanting to go back towards Griffith and I77, so they will be forced to make a more than 90 degree turn out of them or go through the Harris Teeter parking lot.

Whether this new scheme at this location makes things safer or more dangerous remains to be seen.

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