Monday, August 29, 2016

Early peak at Williams Place retirement residence in Davidson

If you have been watching the construction project at the end of Peninsula Drive in Davidson, Sunday offered a sneak peek into what will be the town's newest retirement residence.

Williams Place held an open of sorts.  The building is still a full-blown construction site, but it let prospetive renters in to take a look.

The 128 unit building is being well received in the market.  Based on some numbers thrown put by one of the staff who was on hand, more than 200 attended the open house and 160+ had expressed serious interest to date.  A few weeks ago neighbors in the area also received a flyer saying only 18 units were left.

While it looks like there is significant work left to be done, the building is supposed to open November 1st.

Here's the info and some pictures.

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