Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Coconut Telegraph" wrong on WestBranch? We'll have to wait and see.

You can hear it on the coconut telegraph
Can't keep nothin' under their hat 
You can hear 'em on the coconut telegraph 
Sayin' who did dis and dat 
Dis and dat dis and dat
        - Jimmy Buffet "Coconut Telegraph"

Rumors have been swirling the past couple weeks about possible delays in starting the WestBranch neighborhood off Davidson-Concord Road on Davidson's east side.  So, in the interest of passing along information aShortChronicle did some checking this past week.

One possible source of delay could have been getting approvals from Duke Energy because the project abuts the easement for Duke's transmission lines that cross the Westmoreland Farm where WestBranch will be built.  Duke can be a real stickler in protecting its assets.  Just ask anyone who has had them cut down trees on and near private property how reasonable they can be, and you will find that Duke protects its right of way very aggressively.

Meredith Archie with Duke's media relations department had this to say.

"Thanks for reaching out on the West Branch development project as it relates to Duke Energy's transmission lines. There are two transmission corridors that cross the West Branch.  Duke Energy is currently working with the project engineers to ensure compliance along these transmission rights-of-way."

Following up on this with Lennar Homes and ColeJenest&Stone - the developer and designer of the project - David Nelson from Lennar had this to say.

"WestBranch has received Master Plan approval from the Town of Davidson, and we are now moving forward with construction document review by the Town and Mecklenburg County.  As part of that review, as with any project with utility rights of way, we are coordinating with Duke and others.  We anticipate approvals for the community in a normal timeframe and look forward to making WestBranch a vibrant part of Davidson."

The town website indicates the Master Plan was approved on August 3rd.

So, it looks like if there are any delays in starting WestBranch related to these easements, they would be minor or none at all. Meaning, 306 new homes are on the way soon to Davidson's east side.

The "Coconut Telegraph" appears to have been wrong this time.

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